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Kayla Schaefer

Thank you for visiting my page. Breast Cancer Education and Awareness is a very touching cause to my sisters and I, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! We are also holding a 5k, if you would like to sign up, I will list the links below. By running the 5K you are running for everyone who is going through this battle. If you cannot do the 5K, a simple donation would work as well. Please help me to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.Together we can make a difference! With love - Kayla

PS. Please enjoy our video of the 5k from last year! <3

Links for 5K:

Greek Organizations (to bill to house):

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raised of $350 goal

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1. ?Anonymous
So proud of you and your girls Kayla! Have a great time! Love you!
2. JAJennifer Armstrong
3. LSLori Schaefer
4. JGJoEllyn Grandinetti
Good luck Kayla Schaefer!!!
5. MPMarla Peterson